6th Element

Logo Design

Sixth Element is a rebranded line of vodkas that was designed with the intention of standing out from it's competitors. Using a non-geometric screenprinted label, it easily competes for attention on shelves full of rectangles.

Project Details

The product was originally a vodka named Liquorizh, but was failing to gain traction due to it's name and bottle design. Myself and others at TDC collaborated to rebrand the product and turned it into a success. Doing market research, we determined that a lot of the competition used rectangular labels and tended to blend together on the shelves. Because of that, we chose a non-traditional method of screenprinting directly to the bottle rather than using a paper label.

The process started with me sketching concepts. Once we decided on a winner, I moved onto the next step and painted dozens of 6 and decided on the best one. I then scanned it in and recreated it.