From 2021-2023, I was an in-house graphic designer for Polco. I directed and created all graphics, brochures, white papers, ads, web design (HubSpot), trade show displays and banners, presentation decks, motion graphics, icon creation, product mockups, and infographics.

Project Details

I was Polco's first in-house graphic designer. Because of that, I was able to come in and direct all of marketing's visuals and have a major impact on the brand. Early on I had a couple of problems I had to solve.

The first. I needed to solve the use of two different secondary color schemes. In 2019, the company used an agency to refresh their brand. Unfortunately, the product was never updated and continued to use the old secondary scheme. Because of that, I opted to heavily use the brand's primary colors to reduce the disconnect users experienced from marketing to product until this could be fixed.

The second was our push to be more accessible. There was a habit of using inaccessible color combinations in presentations, survey logos, and the other limited existing marketing materials. I redesigned and updated everything and continued to advocate for consistency and avoiding certain combinations.